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Christian Solidarity Worldwide and ICNK collaborate on 'Global Day of Actio... 
Date : October 17, 2011
6.10.2011 - CSW discusses its involvement with ICNK and the 'Global Day of Action', explaining the role of ICNK and why it is so important.   Source: Christian Solidarity Worldwide Language: English
ICNK To Have Role Fighting North Korean Abduction. 
Date : October 13, 2011
13.10.2011- Covers the Inaugural Conference of the ICNK. Focuses on how the ICNK will work to help fight North Korea's abduction of citizens of other countires. Specifically notes Mr. Charles Jenkin's testimony as particular inspiration.   Source: Sankei Shimbum Language: Japanese
Stories From Inside NK Prison Camps 
Date : October 13, 2011
13.10.2011- Gives a detailed report of the stories from survivors of North Korean prison camps. Focuses on the stories of former North Korean prisoners Kim Tae Jin, and Jung Gwang Il.   Source: Sankei Shinbum Language: Japanese
ICNK Hosts Inaugural Conference 
Date : October 13, 2011
13.10.2011- Covers the Inaugural Conference of the ICNK. The conference will bring together South Korean and international NGO's with the aim of renewing international attention on the Human Rights Violations of North Korea.   Source: Daily NK Language: English
ICNK's message to Kim Jeong Il 
Date : October 13, 2011
13.10.2011- Discusses the letter from member groups of the ICNK to Kim Jeong Il. The letter calls for the end of Human Rights violations in NOrth Korea, as well as access to North Korea for Human Rights monitors.   Source: Daily NK Language: English
도쿄 ICNK 취임 대회 
Date : October 13, 2011
2011.10.13일자 요미우리 신문 기사 언어: 일본어
40여개가 넘는 단체들이 ICNK 설립위해 만나 (아사히신문) 
Date : October 13, 2011
2011.10.13자 아사히신문 영어판 기사.
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