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Date : May 29, 2014
Resolution adopted by UN Human Rights Council (A/HRC/25/L.17)
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   http://ap.ohchr.org/documents/dpage_e.aspx?si=A/HRC/25/L.17 [321]

Human Rights Council 
Twenty-fifth session 
Agenda item 4

Albania,* Andorra,* Australia,* Austria, Belgium,* Bosnia and Herzegovina,* 
Bulgaria,* Canada,* Croatia,* Cyprus,* Czech Republic, Denmark,* Estonia, 
Finland,* France, Georgia,* Germany, Greece,* Hungary,* Iceland,* Ireland, Italy, 
Japan, Latvia,* Liechtenstein,* Lithuania,* Luxembourg,* Malta,* Monaco,* 
Montenegro, Netherlands,* New Zealand,* Norway,* Poland,* Portugal,* Republic of 
Korea, Romania, Slovakia,* Slovenia,* Spain,* Sweden,* Switzerland,* Turkey,* 
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United Sates of America: 
draft resolution 

25/… Situation of human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of 

The UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution urging the UN Security Council to take action against those responsible for Crime against Humanity in North Korea and to consider targeted sanctions against them.

The Council approved the resolution by a vote of 30-6, with abstentions. 

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