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Date : July 24, 2019
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An independent assessment of government progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 8.7

What is the Measurement, Action, Freedom report?

The Measurement, Action, Freedom report is a tool for citizens, non-government organisations (NGOs), businesses, and governments to understand current legislative and policy responses to modern slavery. It provides an independent assessment of 183 governments and their responses to the challenge of Sustainable Development Goal 8.7, which aims to eradicate modern slavery. Governments are assessed against their ability to identify and support survivors, to establish effective criminal justice systems, to strengthen coordination mechanisms and be held to account, to address underlying risk factors, and to clean up government and business supply chains, all in order to eradicate modern slavery. The findings shine a light on those taking strong action, identify those that are lagging, and highlight the activities that should be prioritised. As a result of our assessment, we know that progress towards SDG 8.7 has been incredibly slow to date and that we are not on track to achieve SDG 8.7 by 2030. Future editions will continue to track the progress made by governments in tackling modern slavery.

[Source: Walk Free]

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