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Date : November 1, 2018
“You Cry at Night but Don’t Know Why”
   https://www.hrw.org/report/2018/10/31/you-cry-night-dont-know-why/sexu… [92]

“You Cry at Night but Don’t Know Why”
Sexual Violence against Women in North Korea

Oh Jung Hee is a former trader in her forties from Ryanggang province. She sold clothes to market stalls in Hyesan city and was involved in the distribution of textiles in her province. She said that up until she left the country in 2014, guards would regularly pass by the market to demand bribes, sometimes in the form of coerced sexual acts or intercourse. She told Human Rights Watch:

I was a victim many times … On the days they felt like it, market guards or police officials could ask me to follow them to an empty room outside the market, or some other place they’d pick. What can we do? They consider us [sex] toys … We [women] are at the mercy of men. Now, women cannot survive without having men with power near them. ......

[Source: Human Rights Watch]

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