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Date : October 10, 2011
Day of Action in Seoul with Dr. Oh Kil Nam

At 6PM on October 6th, the ICNK Secretariat in Seoul and partner organizations protested North Korea’s crimes against humanity in Seoul Station Square, while ICNK member organizations in London, Tokyo, Prague, Bangkok and New York simultaneously delivered letters addressed to Kim Jong Il to North Korean embassies or missions around the globe.
Eight ICNK member organizations jointly hosted the protest in Seoul, part of the first ‘Day of Action’, a global campaign of activism planned during the ICNK Inaugural Assembly. 
Since the fate of the family of Dr. Oh Kil Nam has recently become a big issue in South Korea, the Seoul ICNK secretariat invited Dr. Oh to the event, where he appealed to the people of South Korea to take still more interest in the release of his family, who are said to be interned at Yoduk, a North Korean political prison camp.
A member of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK), Kim Tae Hoon also attended the protest, giving a speech pointing out that crimes against humanity by the North Korea authorities could be halted using international legislation.
Around 80 Seoul citizens and North Korean human rights activists gathered in Seoul Station Square for the events.


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