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Date : October 8, 2011
Day of Action in New York
On October 5, a representative of the HRW Asia division called the North Korean mission to request an appointment to hand over the letter to Kim Jong-Il and he was told: “One of our policies of our mission is not to meet with the people of Human Rights Watch.”
Today at 11:30 am on October 6 in NY, representatives of Human Rights Watch went to the DPRK Mission to the UN at the Diplomatic Center building at 820 2nd Avenue.  At the security desk of the building, we requested to be allowed to go to the 13th floor, where the DPRK Mission is situated.  After some back and forth with the security desk officer, the DPRK informed the security desk that they refused to meet with representatives of Human Rights Watch.  We then requested that the security desk deliver the letter to the DPRK Mission and were told that this would be done, and handed over the letter to a representative of building security.  

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