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Date : October 8, 2011
Oh Kil Nam, “Shin Sook Ja, Please live long!”

Dr. Oh Kil Nam whose wife, Shin Sook Ja, is known to be alive near Pyongyang, participated in the Inaugural Meeting of ICNK in Tokyo and requested for the release of his wife and two daughters, as well as criticized the crimes against humanity in North Korea.

Dr. Oh requested for release of his family who are known to be imprisoned at Yoduk Prison Camp, during the session allotted for testimonies of North Korean defectors, which was the first session at the Inaugural Meeting of ICNK on September 7.

Dr. Oh introduced the photo of his wife and daughter and raised his voice.

“Hye Won, Kyu Won, and my wife Shin Sook Ja. The campaign to save you is spreading around the world. Please live long until the dignity of human being’s victory is confirmed when we embrace each other.”

Dr. Oh participated in the protest on September 8 in front of Chosen Soren along with over 50 human rights activists in Japan and speakers at the Inaugural Meeting. Dr. Oh wore a plank card saying “Dissolve the Political Prison Camps” and shouted “Release my wife Shin Sook Ja and my daughters, Hye Won and Kyu Won!”

The assembly ended with 50 balloons being released into the sky, symbolizing the protection of human rights and release of prisoners at the political prison camps. 

Dr. Oh decided to go over to the North in the 1980s, a time when the wind against the military and authoritarian regime of South Korea was blowing hard, and many youths and intellectuals in South Korea  considered North Korea as an alternative society to South Korea.

Dr. Oh who also was agonizing over the future of South Korea, staying in Germany at the time. During that time, in December 1985, he went to North Korea with his family after being scouted from the 3rd Department of the Chosun Central Committee, which is a department working with South Korea.

Dr. Oh worked as an agent for broadcasting to South Korea at “Voice that Saves the Country” which is a radio station that broadcasts to the South from the North. One day, Dr. Oh left North Korea with a mission to bring in another South Korean college student in Europe. Dr. Oh escaped from the airport in Copenhagen.
After this incident, his wife Shin Sook Ja and his two daughters, Hye Won and Kyu Won were brought
to Yoduk Prison Camp. This has been confirmed by many former prisoners for Yoduk Prison Camps who are now in Korea.

Choi Sung Yong, the representative of Family Assembly Abducted to North Korea, has stated that Dr. Oh’s wife Shin Suk Ja and his two daughter are residing in a restricted area in Wonhwa Ri, Pyongwon Gun, in South Pyongan Province after being released from Yoduk Prison Camp.

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