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Date : February 7, 2013
‘Chonko-ri Prison’ Will Be Published in Japanese
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Radio Free Asia reported that a Japanese North Korean human rights organization will publish a book about North Korea’s Chonko-ri Prison in Japanese this coming March.
Kato Hiroshi, the president of Life Funds for North Korean Refugees, an ICNK member organization, said that by publishing the book about Chonko-ri Prison, where crimes against humanity are committed daily, in Japanese, it will reveal the reality of that prison to the public. The book mostly contains pictures and some explanations.
This book has already been published in Korean and English. Usually, North Koreans, who are sentenced to one-year jail terms, go to this prison. However this prison is well-known for its extreme amounts of labor, torture, and abuses of inmates. Kato said that he wants people to know that treatment inside Chonko-ri Prison is worse than the political prison camps in North Korea.
Source: Radio Free Asia

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