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Date : March 8, 2016
HRNK Canada: Statement urging the Government of Canada to take Actions

HRNK Canada: Statement urging the Government of Canada to take Actions

We urge the government of Canada to take strong and prompt measures in response to North Korea’s nuclear test and its successive missile launch North Korea carried out a nuclear test on January 6, 2016 followed by a successive long-range missile launch on February 7, 2016, ignoring the repeated warnings and concerns by the international community, while disregarding the lives of its own starving people. These are flagrant violations against the multiple UN Security Council resolutions, and constitute a grave provocation, threatening the international peace and security. They pose a direct danger not only to South Korea but also to the entire world, including Canada, potentially in the near future. 

At this crucial juncture, we, the eight Korean-community organizations in Toronto listed hereunder, strongly urge that government of Canada fully support the related forthcoming UN Security Council resolution and, in addition, take the following measures as promptly as possible, unilaterally or jointly in close cooperation with regional and international partners including South Korea, Japan and the United States:

1. Reform the SEM(DPRK) Regulations into a comprehensive Act (similar to the ‘North Korea Sanctions and Policy Enhancement Act of 2016’ in the United States):
(1) To strengthen the existing ‘economic measures’ with respect to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs:

   (a) Restrict all types of activity and transaction with North Korea by employing permit system and requiring post-activity or post-transaction report back to the permit-granting authorities;
   (b) Prohibit all types of aid to North Korea, including supply of services such as education and training services, materially benefiting the North Korean regime, provided under the pretext of evangelic missionary works or humanitarian efforts;
    (c) Prohibit all types of commercial and non-commercial cash remittance to North Korea, except limited family remittances;  
   (d) Suspend all humanitarian aid to North Korea extended through international agencies by the government of Canada; 
   (e) Prohibit docking and landing in, and transiting of, Canada by foreign ships and aircrafts that have previously docked or landed in North Korea; and    

(2) To add ‘non-economic measures’ with respect to North Korea’s secret overseas operation over Canadians and the serious human rights  abuses being committed toward its own people: 
    (a) Restrict all types of visit to North Korea by employing permit system and requiring post-visit report, except humanitarian family visits;
    (b) Administer a contact centre, where those Canadians who have been won over or recruited, or approached for recruitment along with intimidation, physical or psychological, by the North Korean authorities or their agents to act for the interests of North Korea, during or after their visits to North Korea, are encouraged to report;
    (c) Suspend all types of invitation of North Korean citizens to visit Canada, and of Canadians’ visit to North Korea as well, made in the name of religious, educational, cultural, arts or sports exchange; 
    (d) Blacklist agencies and individuals responsible for serious human rights violations in North Korea, and declare Kim Jong-un, who is most responsible for the sanctioned nuclear and missile tests and the crimes against humanity being committed toward his own people, “Persona Non Grata;” and

2. Legislate a ‘Human Rights in North Korea Act of Canada,’ to help North Korean people, who are virtually enslaved by the ruthless Kim Jong-un regime, reclaim their human rights entitled under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and promote their political freedoms.

    Dated this 15th of February, 2016

   Korean Community in Toronto urging Sanctions against North Korea

   Ki-Seok Daniel Lee, Representative (416)383-0777 dl152@hotmail.com

   Kyung B. Lee, Executive Director (416)554-9605 hrnkcanada928@gmail.com

 Korean-Canadian Cultural Association in Toronto (Ki-Seok Daniel Lee)

 Korea Unification Advisory Council, Toronto Chapter (Jin Hak Choi)

 Korean Veterans Association, Eastern Canadian Department (Sung Bak Song)

 Korea Freedom Federation, Toronto Chapter (Hong Yang Kim)

 Korea Vietnam War Association in Canada (Sang Mok Nam)

 The Institute of History Education (Shin Bong Kang)

 The Council for Security of the Republic of Korea (Ui-sub Byun) 

 The Council for Human Rights in North Korea (Kyung B. Lee)

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