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Date : April 20, 2015
International Challenge, European Solutions by Saram in Berlin

Human Rights in North Korea: International Challenge, European Solutions

An event hosted by Saram e.V. and the European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea, supported by the Giordano Bruno Stiftung.

The human rights situation happening in North Korea remains unknown to many despite being the focus of a United Nations Commission of Inquiry and the UN Human Rights Council.

When North Korean people risk their lives by escaping from the country, they bring with them stories of forced labour, torture, starvation, and execution carried out by the Kim regime against their own people. 'Never again' is often said after government-inflicted tragedies, such as those in Nazi Germany, Rwanda, and Cambodia. Yet North Korea shows that such atrocities are still occurring today.

Discussing these points and what solutions Europe can create for the situation in North Korea will be a panel including Jihyun Park, North Korean refugee and EAHRNK North Korean Outreach & Project Co-ordinator, and representatives from Saram and the European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea.

Mrs. Park will share her experience of being trafficked in to China, repatriation to North Korea, and the horrific conditions in the camps. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers with Jihyun Park and the panel.

RSVP to veranstaltung@saram-nk.org to book your place. Please be aware that entry will not be allowed to those who have not confirmed their attendance. Seating is limited so guests are encouraged to book as soon as possible. Refreshments will be provided.

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