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Date : November 1, 2013
ONK Held NK Human Rights Culture Festival

Open Radio for North Korea (ONK) held a North Korean Human Rights Culture Festival on October 30th and 31st, funded by the South Korean Ministry of Unification. During the festival, there were four main events: a symposium, Global Movie Talk, North Korean Human Rights Film Screening, and Talk Concert “Dong Haeng”.
On the 30th, the symposium was held at the Press Center. Many North Korean human rights experts discussed the topic ‘Evaluation on Kim Jong Eun’s 2 years of ruling and prospect of North-South relations.’ Sohn Kwang Joo, Chairman of Korea Unification Strategy Institute of Daily NK, estimated Kim Jong Eun’s 2 years of rule as an ‘unstable settlement period.’ Also, Lee Kwang Baek, President of Radio Free Chosun, suggested that North Korea should give up its nuclear weapons as their economy worsened since the unilateral shutdown of the Kaesong Industrial Complex earlier this year.
On the evening of the 30th, ONK hosted an English event entitled Global Movie Talk that was held as part of the ongoing Culture Festival. During this event, various foreigners in South Korea who have keen interest in North Korean issues attended and watched some clips of the movie, “Crossing.” After each clip, a guest defector gave an explanation of each scene and the reality of North Korean human rights. When an audience member asked why there aren’t any social movements in North Korea, the guest defector answered that North Korean people are brainwashed by the regime since birth and therefore they cannot protest against the regime.
After the English event, a North Korean Human Rights Film Screening was held. Two documentaries, ‘Unbelievable Story’ and ‘COI, a Light of Hope that Shines for North Korea,’ which the Media Team of ONK produced, were screened. Also, Kwon Eun Kyoung, International Cooperation Team Manager at ONK and Secretary-General of ICNK, attended this event and explained the importance of COI.
On the evening of the 31st, Talk Concert “Dong Haeng” was held. Park Sung Jin, a North Korean defector and Korean Small Fiddle Player, the North and South Youth Choir, and NeCle Band gave music performances. As a guest, Lee Dae Young, a professor at Chung Ang University who directed two North Korean human rights plays ‘Cheong Myoung’ and ‘Double Story,’ attended. This Talk Concert series has being held every month since last July and finally came to an end on October 31st. 

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