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Date : February 26, 2013
HRNK, DigitalGlobe Reports Expansion of Camp No. 25
   http://hrnk.org/uploads/pdfs/HRNK_Camp25_LR.pdf [554]

In their latest joint analysis of the political prison camps in North Korea, The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK) and DigitalGlobe have found evidence that Camp No. 25 in Chongjin in North Hamgyeong Province has expanded. The report released on the 25th compares images from between 2003 and 2013. The analysis of the images found several significant changes over the last few years.
Most startlingly is that the perimeter of the fence around the camp has increased by 72% in 2010. The rapid expansion of the perimeter in 2010 led to a large rise in the number of guard posts; 17 posts were constructed in 2010 alone.
Another major change in the camp in 2010 was the addition of a building. The report speculates that this building could be a memorial hall for Kim Il Sung or could be used for observatory purposes. Construction activities were not limited to one building as the roofs to barracks have also been replaced. The last major change has been the construction of a new road which gives the camp better access to Suseong-dong.

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