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Date : February 22, 2013
A Discussion on Nuclear Issue and Role of Radio to North Korea

The Association of Broadcasters for North Korea and an assemblyman, Ha Tae Kyung, jointly held a discussion on the ‘solution for North Korea’s nuclear issues and the role of radio to North Korea’ on the 20th at Seoul Press Center.
Lee Ji Soo, a professor of North Korea studies at Myongji University, proffered the idea that neither oppression nor appeasement could stop North Korea’s nuclear development, and that the regime maintains control and power through crisis. Due to this, he said that we need to take our eyes off the nuclear issue and rather concern about and develop democracy and human rights in North Korea.
Lee Kwang Baek, the president of the Association of Broadcasters for North Korea, said that, “an action that can create change in North Korea is broadcasting to North Korea.” He added that broadcasting is a seed which can plant new consciousness and values into North Korean people. He went on to say that we need to secure more frequencies and broadcasting facilities, establish a Broadcast to North Korea Law, and improve and secure the expertise for broadcasting to North Korea.
Ha Tae Kyung, an assemblyman, said that the one solution for all the North Korean issues is fundamental change in North Korea. He also added that the change is happening now, so we need to have this discussion more often. He concluded by saying that he himself will actively help those discussions.


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