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Date : November 25, 2011
President of Open North Korea wins Korea Human Rights Award

Ha Tae Keung, President of Open Radio for North Korea, was awarded a National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) Human Rights Award on the 25th November.

The Korea Human Rights Award is an award to individuals or organizations that contribute to the improvement of human rights. The Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights won it in 2009 and Yun Hyun, the Chairman of the Citizen’s Alliance for North Korean Human Rights won in 2010.

The NHRCK recognized Ha Tae Keung’s contribution to the improvement of North Korean human rights by his managing of the NGO-based short wave radio for North Korean people: Open Radio for North Korea, establishing the ICNK (International Coalition to Stop Crimes against Humanity in North Korea), and spreading North Korean human rights issues to South Korea and the world.

After being awarded, Ha said, “Some criticize the North Korean human rights movement, claiming it serves to reinforce South Korean conservative rightists, but internationally prominent NGO’s have got involved in this movement - They are not doing it to strengthen the conservatives.”


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