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Date : June 27, 2015
A list of 180 Prisoners in Yoduk Released
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ICNK Seoul member organizations held a press conference on 26th in Seoul Press Center, in which a report regarding the prisoners of Yoduk Concentration Camp was released. The report, titled “My Fellow Inmates: The 180 People Who Disappeared with Seorimcheon, Yoduk”, contains the names, age, and reasons of imprisonment of the 181 prisoners, who were imprisoned in the camp from 2000 to 2003. The list is based on the memories of a North Korean defector, Jung Gang-il, who used to be a prisoner in Camp No. 15, Yoduk from 2000 to 2003. The ICNK Secretariat submitted this report to the UN Human Rights Office in Seoul, which opened on 23th.

[Source: Chosun Ilbo]

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