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Darusman Slams NK for Failures 
Date : November 25, 2011
Maruzki Darusman, the UN’s special rapporteur on North Korean human rights issues, believes there has been no improvement since he took on the role in 2010, and has once again urged Pyongyang to take action to remedy its multitude of human rights failings. Source: The Daily NK
U.N. rights envoy pledges utmost efforts to locate 'abducted' family i... 
Date : November 25, 2011
"The United Nations' envoy on North Korean human rights on Friday promised to work toward the return of a Korean family believed to be held in the communist country, saying the case highlights the urgency of resolving abductions by the North." Source: Yonhap News Agency
Oh Kil Nam's Story 
Date : November 24, 2011
This video presents Dr. Oh Kil Nam’s tragic family story. Source: Korean Broadcasting System Language: Korean
Trek for Tongyeong, Day 3 
Date : November 22, 2011
"The nationwide trek to proclaim ‘Rescue the Daughter of Tongyeong!’ is already in its third day and there are still no signs of fatigue on the faces of the twenty participants. The atmosphere is jolly, with everyone going to great lengths to cheer one another on". Source: The Daily NK
UN Human Rights Envoy Visiting S.Korea 
Date : November 21, 2011
U.N. human rights envoy on North Korea Marzuki Darusman is in South Korea to collect information to prepare a report for submission to the U.N. Human Rights Council and the General Assembly. Source: KBS World
UN to Help Repatriate S.Korean Family from N. Korea 
Date : November 21, 2011
U.N. human rights agencies have pledged to try and help secure the repatriation of Sin Suk-ja and her daughters who are believed to be detained at a political prison camp in North Korea. Source: KBS World
Nothing Compared to Their Suffering - Daughter of Tongyeong 
Date : November 21, 2011
The chief of the movement to rescue Shin Suk Ja and her children, Choi Hong Jae of North-South Youth Action, will launch a 680km trek to raise awareness of the plight of Shin Suk Ja in Tongyeong on the south coast of South Korea. Source: The Daily NK
Trek for Tongyeong Launched 
Date : November 21, 2011
Standing before the statue of Admiral Yi Sun Shin at the heart of Gwanhwamun Plaza today, the organizers of the ongoing campaign to save the Daughter of Tongyeong, Shin Suk Ja and her two children held aloft a banner today proclaiming ‘We Command Kim Jong Il! Release the Daughter of Tongyeong Immediately!’ to launch a 680km nationwide awareness-raising trek. Source: The Daily NK
Family imprisoned, Oh pleads for help in D.C. 
Date : November 21, 2011
WASHINGTON - For years, Oh Kil-nam, 69, has been on a campaign to rescue his wife and two daughters from a North Korean prison camp. On Monday, the South Korean went to Capitol Hill in Washington to make a special appeal at the eighth general meeting of the International Parliamentarians’ Coalition for North Korean Refugees and Human Rights. Source: Joongang Daily
UN official on N.Korean human rights in Seoul due Sunday 
Date : November 21, 2011
"In a six-day visit to South Korea, Darusman will speak to Shin’s husband Oh Kil-nam on domestic and overseas campaigns to save Shin and her daughters, said the International Coalition to Stop Crimes against Humanity in North Korea on Thursday" Source: Dong-A Ilbo
Announcement of the "Trek for Tongyeong" 
Date : November 17, 2011
"With the movement to save Shin Suk Ja and her two daughters having spread from civil society to the South Korean government and the UN, some members of the movement are now preparing to launch a trek from Tongyeong to Imjingak on the inter-Korean border to spread the word even further." Source: The Daily NK
Oh Kil Nam in US. Seeking International Support 
Date : November 15, 2011
Dr. Oh was in Washington D.C. today, taking part in the International Parliamentarians' Coalition for North Korean Refugees and Human Rights. He is seeking to raise awareness, and enlist the help of legislators from around the world in his attempt to free his wife and daughters from their North Korean prison. Source: Yonhap News
Oh Kil Nam interviewed by German Newspaper 
Date : November 4, 2011
Coverage of Oh Kil Nam’s story; his entry in to North Korea, how he defected and his subsequent fight to reunite his family. Also discusses the conditions of Yoduk prison camp, sourcing Kim Tae-jin of ICNK member organisation “Free NK Gulag”. Oh Kil Nam and his family’s plight is currently the focus of the Daughter of Tongyeong Rescue Campaign, supported by ICNK. Source: Welt Language: German.
The Daughter of Tongyeong Rescue Campaign petition 
Date : October 31, 2011
Discusses the goals of the ‘one million postcard petition’ as an international movement. Source: The Daily NK
INCK and the Daughter of Tongyeong Rescue Campaign 
Date : October 31, 2011
Coverage of the campaign’s event in Cheonggyecheon Plaza, Seoul, its goals, and ICNK’s role within it. Source: The Daily NK
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