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Date : September 30, 2018
Developing Negotiating Strategies for Dealing with North Korea | 9/20/18
   https://youtu.be/0NtxdVxAQC4 [2746]

Developing Negotiating Strategies for Dealing with North Korea | 9/20/18

The decision on August 17 by President Donald Trump to cancel Secretary Mike Pompeo’s trip to North Korea highlights the challenges of negotiating with North Korea. If talks with Pyongyang are to be successful, the United States and South Korea need to develop a strategy that allows them to advance their mutual interests while addressing the difficult issues moving forward such as the best format for discussions, how to maintain alliance cohesion, and how to approach ending the Korean War and building a peace process with North Korea.

Please join KEI for an important discussion of how to develop a negotiating strategy for successfully advancing relations with North Korea.

A Discussion with: 

Chun Yungwoo


The Korean Peninsula Future Forum

Former National Security Advisor & Former Six-Party Talks Negotiator

Laura Rosenberger

Director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy & Senior Fellow

German Marshall Fund

Former NSC Director for China and Korea

Kathleen Stephens

President & CEO

Korea Economic Institute of America

Former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea

Moderated by:

Troy Stangarone

Senior Director for Congressional Affairs & Trade

[Source: Korea Economic Institute of America]

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