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Date : July 26, 2018
NK economic improvement depends on denuclearization
   https://youtu.be/xpa_pBQj3zQ [1694]

Thae Yong Ho SeriesㅣNorth Korea’s economic improvement depends on denuclearization

Episode 4

Thae Yong Ho was serving as North Korea’s deputy ambassador to the United Kingdom when he chose to defect with his family to South Korea in 2016. Following the recent release of his book, "Cypher of the Third-Floor Secretariat," and his departure from the Institute for National Security Strategy (INSS), he has committed himself to improving the outlook for those still living in the DPRK. His current efforts focus on information sharing and the power of education to effect change.

As one of the highest-ranking diplomats to ever defect, Thae has teamed up with Daily NK and its broader media consortium, Unification Media Group, for a weekly series to share his unparalleled insight into the North Korean system, ethos, and strategic thinking, while unpacking his vision for peace on the Korean Peninsula.

We are proud to present the third installment of this series here, which will also be released in Korean and Chinese.

[Source: Unification Media Group]

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