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Date : July 25, 2018
Verifying Denuclearization: Where Do We Go from Here?
   https://youtu.be/vKkJwoAQVGg [1679]

Verifying Denuclearization: Where Do We Go from Here?

More than one month after the Singapore Summit, little headway has been made on denuclearization of North Korea. Many attribute the slow progress to disparate definitions of denuclearization on the part of the United States and DPRK, but the problems may run deeper than misaligned conceptions. This conference brings together regional and technical experts to take stock of where we are on the four elements of the Singapore Summit with particular attention to answering the following questions.

"Why do the United States and DPRK have different definitions of denuclearization? Is CVID feasible?"

"What are the appropriate standards for a verification protocol for North Korea's denuclearization?"

"What should be our goals in a denuclearization agreement? What are we willing to sacrifice in return?"

"What does the road ahead look like?"

[Source: Center for Strategic & International Studies]

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