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Date : March 14, 2018
NK and Iran: Nuclear Challenges
   https://youtu.be/5lcPmlJj4nY [573]

North Korea and Iran: Nuclear Challenges for the United States | March 8, 2018

For more than a decade the United States has had growing concerns about the nuclear programs in North Korea and Iran. While North Korea has conducted multiple nuclear weapons and ballistic missile tests, the United States reached a deal with Iran over its nuclear program under the Obama administration. However, with the Trump administration pushing for changes to the Iran nuclear deal the United States faces potentially two nuclear crises at the same time. This raises a series of questions. What ties do North Korea and Iran share? What we can learn from prior experiences in dealing with the Iran and North Korean on nuclear issues? Also, how likely is the U.S. to withdraw from the Iran nuclear or to reach a negotiated solution with North Korea?

Please join KEI for a discussion of the current efforts to address North Korea and Iran’s nuclear programs.

A Discussion With: 

Mark Fitzpatrick
Executive Director, IISS-Americas
International Institute for Strategic Studies

Bruce Klingner
Senior Research Fellow
The Heritage Foundation

Barbara Slavin
Director, Future of Iran Intiative
Atlantic Council

Moderated by:

Troy Stangarone
Senior Director for Congressional Affairs & Trade
Korea Economic Institute of America

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