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Date : March 12, 2018
AEI: Understanding North Korea
   https://youtu.be/TFRmYZ_9_JM [515]

Conversations with Bill Kristol - Understanding North Korea

The American Enterprise Institute scholar on the distinctive character of North Korea and the threat it poses [Filmed March 2, 2018]. 

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Chapter 1 (00:15 - 30:52): Understanding North Korea 

Chapter 2 (30:52 - 1:04:33): Confronting the Threat

Nicholas Eberstadt, a distinguished scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, is one of the world’s preeminent experts on North Korea. In this "Conversation," Eberstadt shares his perspective on the distinctive character of the North Korean regime and the threats it poses to its neighbors and the United States. Drawing on his recent essay “The Method in North Korea’s Madness,” Eberstadt explains the strategy behind North Korea’s actions, including nuclear escalation—and how it fits with the regime's self-understanding and ambitions. Finally, Eberstadt considers how America might craft a sustained policy to address the North Korean threat.

[Source: AEI]

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