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Date : December 13, 2022
Is Denuclearization of DPRK Still Viable?
   https://youtu.be/sOpuU6TLLxk [740]

Is Denuclearization of DPRK Still Viable?

As part of the Global NK Zoom & Connect project, the East Asia Institute held an online webinar titled “Is Denuclearization of DPRK Still Viable?” This webinar analyzed and forecasted Pyongyang’s nuclear posture following its “Law on Nuclear Forces” and its extensive provocations after the Russo-Ukrainian war. Experts from the United States and South Korea discussed issues concerning the Korean Peninsula, including North Korea’s nuclear policies, President Yoon’s Audacious Initiative, the credibility of the United States’ extended deterrence, paths to denuclearization, the influence of great power rivalry on North Korea’s calculations, and explored acceptable deals for North Korea can accept and South Korea’s role in developing a denuclearization roadmap.

[Source: EAI동아시아연구원]

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