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Date : June 11, 2020
Making Policy without Map or Compass
   https://youtu.be/phFicY_nk0E [1050]

Making Policy without Map or Compass: A Conversation with Nicholas Eberstadt

Nicholas Eberstadt holds the Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where he researches and writes extensively on demographics and economic development generally, and more specifically on international security in the Korean peninsula and Asia. Dr. Eberstadt is also a senior adviser to the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR).

Join us for a discussion on how policymakers should navigate the uncertainties in the post-pandemic new normal. What ends should they seek, particularly in regard to Northeast Asia? Dr. Eberstadt will join KEI Vice President Mark Tokola to expand on some of the key challenges he identified in a recent piece for NBR (You can find the article here).

This event will be livestreamed on Zoom with an interactive Q&A session.


Nicholas Eberstadt
Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy
American Enterprise Institute


Mark Tokola
Vice President

[Source: Korea Economic Institute of America]

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