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Date : May 20, 2020
How to Better Understand North Korea
   https://youtu.be/9aQkq-M3Jso [1212]

How to Better Understand North Korea: A Conversation with Andray Abrahamian

In April Kim Jong-un disappeared from public view for three weeks. This is not the first time that Kim Jong-un has disappeared for an extended period of time, but his absence led to rumors about his health and speculation about the fate of North Korea should he pass away. With his reappearance we now know that the most dramatic of the rumors were incorrect, but they highlight the difficulty of gaining accurate information about North Korea on a range of issues. Reliable information about North Korean remains hard to come by.

Please join KEI for a conversation with Andray Abrahamian about how we get information about North Korea and how we can better interpret it.


Andray Abrahamian

Visiting Scholar

George Mason University | Korea

Non-Resident Fellow

Korea Economic Institute of America


Troy Stangarone

Senior Director and Fellow

Korea Economic Institute of America

[Source: Korea Economic Institute of America]

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