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Date : April 3, 2013
Prostitution in Hyesan
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With its rocket launches and nuclear tests, North Korea is the focus of the international community. New video footage has now surfaced revealing the seamier side of life in North Korea. The video, submitted to the Daily NK by an anonymous source, was taken in Hyesan, Yangkang Province, in front of the Hyesan Station.
The video, according to the source, confirms the shocking economic situation in North Korea. The video shows a trade between the undercover source and a pimp in North Korea. In the grainy video, the voices of the speakers have been distorted and the faces are not shown; but in it the pimp casually discusses prices, whilst revealing that prostitution is rife. He also intimates that the soldiers are the main market for the trade. Because of this, the trade has attracted women – both young and mature (as old as 40 years).
As the first video in a two-part series (the second showing the abject poverty and suffering of North Korea’s children), the film-maker aims to heighten awareness about the problems facing the country.

Source: Daily NK

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