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Date : May 27, 2019
The situation with the NK flagged cargo ship
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The situation with the North Korean flagged cargo ship - Press Conference (21 May 2019)

Ambassador Kim Song of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) said the United States “has committed unlawful and outrageous acts” by seizing a North Korean flagged cargo ship.

The ship, named “Wise Honest,” Kim said, was “forcibly” taken to the American Samoa “under the pretext of unilateral sanctions and violation of its domestic law.” 

Talking to reporters at UN Headquarters, Kim said, “we are condemning in strongest terms this act of dispossessing of our cargo ship because this incident is only product of extreme hostile policy of the United States against DPRK.”

The North Korean diplomat said he had sent a letter to Secretary-General António Guterres “in order to inform our principled positions and to request o him to take the necessary measures as the way of contributing the stability in Korean Peninsula.”

He said, “so now, my country carefully watches every move of the United States hereafter.”

[Source: United Nations]

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