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Date : April 29, 2019
Is Pyongyang Viewed Differently in Washington and Seoul?
   https://youtu.be/LmbZD5u3lBI [985]

Is Pyongyang Viewed Differently in Washington and Seoul? | 04/25/19

The community of scholars, analysts, government officers, NGO advocates, and journalists who commit a portion of their lives following events in North Korea – known within its ranks as “North Korea watchers” – has expanded alongside the public’s increased attention on Pyongyang’ weapons program. As the renewed urgency pushes these individuals to offer solutions, a number of predictable divisions have become apparent within the community along ideological and institutional lines. More surprisingly, there are signs of a less apparent, yet just as important break along language lines.

Please join KEI for a presentation by Jeffrey Robertson on how the policy discourse on North Korea differs in English and in Korean, what this could indicate about a shared Washington-Seoul approach towards Pyongyang and recommendations for strengthening the alliance.  


Jeffrey Robertson
Assistant Professor
Yonsei University

Moderated by

Kyle Ferrier
Director of Academic Affairs and Research
Korea Economic Institute of America

[Source: Korea Economic Institute]

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