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Date : March 2, 2020
Enlistees face tougher road to becoming soldiers
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N. Korean enlistees face tougher road to becoming soldiers

Faced with concerns over the novel coronavirus, North Korea’s military has toughened the hurdles new recruits need to pass to become soldiers and have placed more restrictions on their movement, Daily NK sources in Jagang Province reported on Feb. 26.

Daily NK sources reported that the military agency that manages low-ranking officers has implemented a “new way” to deal with recruitment efforts to Military Mobilization Departments located in each province along with directly-governed cities (Pyongyang) and special cities (such as Nampo). These orders are reportedly in response to the threat posed by COVID-19.


The orders reportedly included instructions to strengthen physical examinations of enlistees that go beyond those required in past years. The examinations focused on the lungs of the recruits, and sources said that anyone who was found to be suffering from even the slightest issue unconditionally failed their examination. ...... 

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