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Date : December 31, 2019
President of State Academy of Sciences dismissed
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President of State Academy of Sciences dismissed

The president of North Korea’s State Academy of Sciences, Jang Chol, was recently dismissed from his position and sent to the countryside for “revolutionary education” in South Pyongan Province, Daily NK learned on Dec. 29. 

As the head of the country’s largest scientific academy, Jang had managed the country’s science and technology research activities, including the academy’s key role in North Korea’s nuclear program. He had succeeded Pyun Yon-rip, who left the post in 2009.

Jang had worked in close quarters with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to develop the country’s science and technology sectors. His dismissal has created an atmosphere of anxiety among scientists and other workers at the academy, sources said. 


“Jang was removed from his post for not properly carrying out the government’s policies,” one source told Daily NK.

“He was criticized for failing to execute this year’s science and technology research projects in line with Kim Jong Un’s wishes,” the source continued. “The budget for science and technology research has increased over the years, but the academy failed to make any major breakthroughs. Ultimately, Jang was held responsible for this failure.”  .......

[Source: Daily NK]

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