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Date : December 28, 2019
N. Korea demands military clinics reduce energy use
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N. Korea demands military clinics reduce energy use

As North Korea continues to face electricity shortages, North Korea’s General Political Bureau (GPB), which exerts political control over the North Korean military, recently published a document that ordered the military’s clinics to step up energy conservation efforts. 

The document, entitled “Electricity Conservation Saves Water and Coal,” was released on Dec. 6. It was published after a Dec. 3 order by the North Korean military’s general staff to reduce electricity consumption in military hospitals.


Specifically, the document stated that military medical facilities require 3.2 kilowatts of electricity to operate syringe disinfection devices for four hours per day. This, it concluded, would mean that nearly 600 kilograms of coal would be needed per year just to disinfect syringes. 

The North Korean military’s medical infrastructure includes not just hospitals but also smaller clinics on military bases. These clinics treat soldiers who suffer medical issues during military training and in their daily lives. The clinics have rooms to care for patients and also conduct vaccinations. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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