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Date : September 25, 2019
Construction continues night and day on Sinuiju
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Construction continues night and day on Sinuiju apartment building

Efforts appear to be accelerating on the construction of an apartment building in Sinuiju as laborers work on apartment exteriors during the day and continue on the interiors into the night, Daily NK has learned. 

“The exterior of the circle-shaped apartment building being built near the Sino-North Korean Friendship Bridge in Sinuiju is almost complete,” a Daily NK source reported on Thursday.

In the past, there have been cases where apartment construction has been declared completed in North Korea, but with only water, electricity and windows being completed on the interiors. The apartment building in the photo appear to be of special interest to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, meaning that residents will be moving into fully finished apartments. 

In photos released by Dong-A University professor Kang Dong-wan recently, the apartment building appears to be lit up to aid construction work at night. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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