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Date : September 24, 2019
North Korea suffers mass deaths of grass-fed goats
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North Korea suffers mass deaths of grass-fed goats 

Despite North Korea’s attempts to increase the number of goats and other animals in the country, Daily NK sources have reported that state efforts are failing and many animals are dying of various diseases. 

On Thursday, Daily NK learned from a source in South Pyongan Province that goats at the Sebyul Collective Farm in Sunchon began dying in August from a strain of bronchitis.

Nine years ago, the collective farm had increased the number of goats under its care to 300, but the entire population is now facing all sorts of diseases and many are even dying. 

“Some of the goats suffer from parasitic diseases along with tick-borne diseases, which has led to the deaths of some of the animals,” the source said, adding that the farm’s unsanitary conditions contributed to the deaths. 

Other sources in the area report that the farm failed to clear a nearby field used for grazing by the goats of poisonous plants or to conduct any other measures to ensure the field was fit for the animals. Locals have reportedly blamed the animals’ deaths on the farm’s failure to take preventative measures against disease in the first place. 

During North Korea’s rainy season from late July to September of this year, baby goats at the farm started dying off due to an unknown disease that caused diarrhea, another source in the area told Daily NK. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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