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Date : August 29, 2019
Ryanggang deemed to have the most illegal border crossers
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North Korea’s Ryanggang Province deemed to have the most “illegal border crossers” 

Lectures were recently held for local residents in Ryanggang Province after the central government authorities announced that the province had the most “illegal border crossers” in the country, local sources report.

The lectures voiced harsh criticism toward defectors as well as the viewing and distribution of foreign video content, with the authorities telling local residents to carefully watch for these types of behaviors.

“The Ryanggang Provincial Party Committee was ordered by the central authorities to hold emergency lectures for local workers and residents at party committees in factories, youth alliances, labor organizations and farms,” a source in Ryanggang Province told Daily NK.

The order was also handed down to municipal party committees and the Hyesan Party Committee sent out party agitation managers, as well as organizational and propaganda managers to hold the emergency lectures at local factories and farms on August 17.

“The central party told us that data showed Ryanggang Province had the most illegal border crossers in the country,” a municipal government worker told the source. “Local residents are also apparently watching and distributing ‘impure’ videos and published material.

The lectures lumped criticism on defections and the viewing and distribution of foreign videos as part of efforts to curtail a perceived loss of respect for the North Korean system and loosening ideological values. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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