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Date : July 30, 2019
NK officials punished for corruption
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North Korean officials punished for corruption

Several party cadres have been punished for corruption in North Korea’s South Pyongan Province, according to sources in North Korea.

“On July 8, a commission on judicial affairs held in the city of Kaechon fired three cadres and sentenced them to work in a disciplinary labor center,” a source in South Pyongan Province told Daily NK.

The three who received the sentences include the second department manager of the city’s police force, the city party committee’s membership manager and a disciplinary labor center official.

The city police’s second department manager was convicted for issuing travel permits to the border area and Pyongyang in exchange for bribes, while the manager for the party membership manager was convicted for pressuring teachers for gifts and sexual favors in return for promises of party membership. The disciplinary labor center official was convicted of reducing disciplinary labor terms after receiving money.

“It seems that the authorities wanted to make an example of them to highlight corruption. Similar things are probably happening elsewhere, not just in Kaechon,” added the source.

North Korea’s latest anti-corruption campaign follows statements issued earlier in the year by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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