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Date : July 24, 2019
Border guards steal food from house in China
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North Korean border guards steal food from house in China

Two soldiers from North Korea’s border patrol were arrested for stealing food from a house in China earlier this month.

“Two border guards in the Chongsu Workers’ District in Sakju County (North Pyongan Province) stole food from a house in Dandong, Liaoning Province,” said a Daily NK source in China. “Several locals alerted to their crime caught them in the act and turned them over to local authorities.”

The source further noted that the low-ranking soldiers were in their early 20s and wearing military uniforms but had no weapons. “The Chinese authorities believe that the soldiers crossed the border to find food,” the source said.

Members of North Korea’s border patrol are generally considered to be well-fed because they can receive bribes for turning a blind eye to defections and smuggling activities. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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