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Date : June 30, 2019
Delays for planting season due to water shortages
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Delays for planting season due to water shortages

Chronic water shortages are causing delays for the planting season in North Korea. Droughts have led to diminishing water supplies for farmland and there are mounting concerns that the planting season will not finish on time.

Multiple sources in South Pyongyan Province told Daily NK that a meeting held to discuss the progress of the planting season on June 7 focused on the fact that around 50% of the fields have not been planted yet due to the issue.

“It’s an emergency situation,” one South Pyongan Province said.

North Korea generally holds its planting period for one month from early May to ensure that all farms start and finish their planting activities at the same time. Most farms would normally have almost completed their planting activities by early June, but the lack of rain has caused delays this year.

Daily NK reported last month through a source in South Pyongan Province that the lack of water in Pyongsong, Kaechon, Pyongwon, Sukchon and Mundok has led to delays in these areas. A source in the area reported that an intense drought had taken hold and noted that, “the reservoir water is so low you can see the reservoir bottom, so there’s no water to use in the fields. Even the creek nearby [the farm] is all dried up.”

North Korean state media has mentioned the difficulties faced by farms due to the lack of water. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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