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Date : June 30, 2019
Estimated 10% of Pyongsong families face food shortages
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Estimated 10% of Pyongsong families face food shortages

Despite mid-June being the most active period for North Korea’s agricultural season, many North Korean farmers are reportedly unable to work due to chronic food shortages. The subsequent reduction in the number of farmers in the fields is expected to further exacerbate the situation this year.

“There are many families who don’t have enough to eat on the farms in South Pyongan Province,” a source in South Pyongan Province told Daily NK. “The farmers aren’t showing up, so no work is being done. This will impact the harvest this year, no doubt.”

A growing number of families in North Korea’s agricultural regions lack money and food, which has led to shortages of laborers at cooperative farms. The farms themselves are also unable to provide farmers with meals.

Daily NK reported last month that many North Korean families had given up farm work in the country’s agricultural regions due to the food issue.

Following the rise of impoverished, hungry families, the municipal party committee held a meeting to discuss the issue. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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