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Date : February 25, 2019
Security tightens across NK ahead of summit, elections
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Security tightens across North Korea ahead of summit, elections

North Korea has designated a special security period ahead of elections to the country’s rubber stamp parliament slated for next month.

Ahead of the politically important event, the North Korean authorities have strengthened surveillance in each region and dispatched special guards to heighten security around facilities and monuments idolizing the Kim family. Freedom of movement has also been significantly restricted in order to ensure that every citizen votes. Special security periods are rarely handed down over a month before a given event, indicating the importance placed on the upcoming elections and the expected participation from all constituents.

February is also a packed month for political events, as it includes Kim Jong Il’s birth anniversary, Military Foundation Day, and the U.S.-DPRK summit slated for the end of February.

North Korea does not hold free and fair elections. Residents are compelled to vote for one Party-approved candidate per district, and abstaining or submitting a dissenting vote are considered acts of treason. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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