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Date : January 12, 2019
NK security agents infiltrate churches in China to cozy up to SK
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North Korean state security agents infiltrate churches in China to cozy up to South Koreans

Some members of North Korea’s secret police, the Ministry of State Security (MSS), are allegedly studying the Bible and attending church to prepare for espionage missions. The intention is to be able to approach missionaries and South Koreans in China to determine the whereabouts of defectors and gather intelligence on South Korea.

“MSS agents are not studying the Bible in its entirety or to complete memory. They are just studying it piecemeal to better infiltrate churches established by South Koreans and Chinese nationals in China. Knowledge of the Bible can go a long way in helping them to interact with missionaries and blend in with the church communities,” a source in North Hamgyong Province told Daily NK.

“Agents are aiming to understand the ‘defector ecosystem’ in China where brokers aid their escape and missionaries protect them.”

Agents appear to be identifying defectors who are heading to South Korea or a third country with the help of missionaries in China with the ultimate goal of providing this information to Chinese security authorities [who then arrest the defectors and repatriate them to North Korea]. ........

[Source: Daily NK]

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