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Date : January 10, 2019
Samjiyon construction projects to idolize past leaders
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Samjiyon construction projects to idolize North Korea’s past leaders

The idolization of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il will be emphasized in construction projects in Samjiyon County, which are considered a priority for Kim Jong Un, according to sources in North Korea.

“The major area of development in Samjiyon County is residential housing, and the authorities are emphasizing that the apartments need to be painted and shaped like the Kimsungilia and Kimjongilia flowers when viewed from the air,” said a Ryanggang Province-based source on January 4.

“The roof construction is therefore considered important. I heard that construction materials from China have been removed from the existing roofs and are being replaced with North Korean materials.”

The Kimsungilia flower is a tropical plant belonging to the orchidaceae family. It was presented as a gift from Indonesian President Sukarno during a visit by Kim Il Sung in April 1964 and was taken to Pyongyang ten years later. The Kimjongilia flower is originally native to South America and North Korean propaganda claims that it was developed by Kim Jong Il admirer and botanist Kamo Mototeru over a 20-year period before being presented to Kim Jong Il as a gift. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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