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Date : December 28, 2018
Video surveillance expanded on China-NK border
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Video surveillance network expanded on China-North Korea border

The North Korean authorities are expanding video surveillance in the border areas to deter defectors and illegal border crossings.

“The leadership ordered the installation of surveillance cameras here on the border with China and in other border regions too,” a source in North Hamgyong Province said, adding that the Second Battalion of the border guards, stationed along the Amnok River, has already finished installing cameras across a 17 km stretch of of the border.

“Each border battalion is equipped with electronic monitoring equipment, which it seems includes equipment that can enable infrared cameras or monitoring, but nobody knows for sure because they brought it in discreetly,” he noted.

The Kim Jong Un era has seen an increase in surveillance and control around the country’s border with China, including wiretapping to identify users of smuggled Chinese mobile phones placing international calls. There have also been significant deployments of joint inspection teams to investigate and implement measures to prevent border-crossings and defections. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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