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Date : December 20, 2018
Pyongyang still relies on ‘forced labor’ brigades.
   https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/south-korea-envision… [167]
South Korea envisions a building boom in the North. But Pyongyang still relies on ‘forced labor’ brigades.

By Simon Denyer and

SEOUL — When Lee Oui-ryok was accepted as a 17-year-old into North Korea’s August 28 work brigade in early 2006, his orphanage celebrated with flowers, speeches and cheers. 

This is a chance at redemption, he thought. His father had been sent to a prison camp, and his mother had fled the country when he was 8. 

Lee saw the work brigade as a path toward possible membership in the Workers’ Party and restoring his name in the eyes of North Korea’s leadership. ......

[Source: Washington Post]

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