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Date : December 19, 2018
Train derails in NK days after KTX accident in the South
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Train derails in North Korea days after KTX accident in the South

Sources in North Korea have reported that a train has derailed in North Hamgyong Province. The incident comes in the wake of another recent train derailment in South Korea.

“A freight train carrying food derailed near Komusan Station in Puryong County early last week (December 3). There weren’t any casualties because it was a freight train,” said a North Hamgyong Province-based source on December 12.

“The derailment is causing delays on the route because the recovery process is taking a long time.”

Komusan Station is on the Hambuk Line that connects Chongjin, Hoeryong and Rason along with the Musan Line that leads to Musan, with the station seeing a lot of freight trains carrying cement, metals and other materials. The derailment has caused delays in train traffic in the area, affecting the transport of these materials. Passenger trains travelling between Chongjin and Musan are also likely to have been affected. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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