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Date : December 2, 2018
Malnourishment rife in many North Korea’s orphanages
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Despite Kim Jong Un’s proclaimed “love for children” and efforts by the government to expand and reform the country’s child care facilities, there are still children being subjected to forced labor and suffering from severe malnutrition.

“In accordance with orders from the Party, orphanages have been appearing everywhere for the past few years. There are even orphanages now in some small villages in the countryside. Unit 927, an entity that is dedicated to dealing with juveniles has become much busier than in the past, and orphans have started to disappear from the markets here,” a source from Ryanggang Province told Daily NK in an interview on November 21.

“Although these orphanages are supposedly getting ample supplies from the government, there have been several cases of managers dipping their hands into the pot for personal gain. A rumor has been circulating that you can easily get rich by becoming a manager of an orphanage.”  

While orphanages are getting allocated ample supplies and rations from the government under the Kim regime, the shortage caused by the embezzlement problem is forcing many children to participate in farm work to be able to feed themselves.   ......

[Source: DailyNK]

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