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Date : November 1, 2018
Pyongyang resident shares feelings on inter-Korean relations
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Pyongyang resident shares feelings on inter-Korean relations

The citizens of Pyongyang enthusiastically welcomed South Korean President Moon Jae In during his visit to the city this past September for the third inter-Korean summit. But what do Pyongyang citizens think about the increase in exchanges and cooperation between the two Koreas as tension dissipates on the peninsula?

Daily NK conducted an interview with a Pyongyang resident who is currently residing near the Sino-DPRK border for business. Given that a little more than a month has passed since the summit, we asked him what Pyongyangites thought about President Moon, the atmosphere in Pyongyang following the summit, the possibility of Kim Jong Un making a trip to Seoul, and his thoughts on unification.

Below is the interview with Pyongyang resident Kim Ho Chol (alias, male in his 60s) conducted by Daily NK in mid-October. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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