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Date : June 5, 2018
Crackdown on informal pharma sales
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Authorities crackdown on informal pharma sales, sending drug prices up

The North Korean authorities have launched a campaign to confiscate informally-traded products in the name of cracking down on anti-socialism trends, report inside sources.

“Crackdowns and product confiscations have been leveled at residents who are selling products from their private homes without a permit,” an inside source from North Hamgyong Province told Daily NK during a telephone call on June 1.

“Just in the city of Chongjin alone, dozens of families have been targeted, resulting in significant penalties.”

“A number of individuals who hold pharmaceutical licenses or a doctor’s certification, but not a sales license, have also been subjected to the crackdowns. Some have lost all their inventory and sales proceeds, making it difficult for them to survive,” the source continued. .....

[Source: Daily NK]

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