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Date : April 27, 2018
FRP Index 2018: NK still last
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FRP Index 2018: North Korea still last

The World Press Freedom Index is published every year since 2002 by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), which measures the level of media freedom of 180 countries based on various factors, such as the level of media independence, freedom and transparency. 

North Korea is still last in the index, taking up the 180th rank. Despite the spread of mobile phones, almost complete control is provided by technical measures, prohibiting freedom of information. Moreover, the punishment for accessing media from outside North Korea can still be punished by being sent to the concentration camp.

This year’s index shows a growing hostility towards journalists not only in authoritarian states but also in democratic states. The United States has fallen to the 45th rank under President Trump and the climate of hatred is also rising in Europe. 

[Source: RSF]

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