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Date : April 24, 2018
NK unimpressed with latest 'anti-espionage' campaign
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North Koreans unimpressed with latest 'anti-espionage' campaign

As North Korea enters its yearly March-April “Anti-Espionage” campaign, the authorities are reportedly stressing the need for a more precise enforcement and reporting system against anti-communist elements within the country.

According to a source in Ryanggang Province, there is a particular focus on espionage activities by "South Korean agents" and "foreigners," as well as the possibility that locals may be recruited for anti-state activities in the border region near China. The local authorities have subsequently ramped up their propaganda efforts to encourage awareness among residents.

"Various propaganda art has gone up recently in accordance with the nationwide 'Anti-Espionage Struggle,’" a source in Ryanggang Province told Daily NK on April 18. "Everyone is having to participate in propaganda activities lately."

"At workplaces and people's unit (inminban) meetings, the propaganda focuses on establishing a reporting system and raising awareness, while encouraging criminals to turn themselves in by offering softer penalties."

But locals are regarding the campaign as merely an "annual formality," and reactions have been rather lackluster, according to a source in North Hamgyong Province who said, "Some people are sleeping through the lectures and meetings, and one person said, 'What are we supposed to do about it if State Security agents can't even catch them?'" .....

[Source: Daily NK]

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