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Date : April 11, 2018
NK HR issue probably not included in inter-Korean summit
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North Korean human rights issue will probably not be included in inter-Korean summit

The upcoming inter-Korean summit on April 27, which is the third one of its kind, will probably not include the human rights issue in its agenda. As North Korea denounced South Korea’s support for a new UN resolution and warned that South Korea’s “double-dealing” could endanger future dialogue, South Korea’s Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha told reporters that at the summit South and North Korea will talk about topics agreed by both sides. Nonetheless, the South continues its position against the “dire human rights situation”, as Kang said. 

According to the report released by a UN Commission in 2014, North Korea’s human rights situation is unprecedented in the contemporary world. 

Further, Kim attended a concert with South Korean pop singers in Pyongyang this week which continues the rapprochement of North and South Korea since the Pychogchang Olympics.

[Source: Japan Times & Straits Times]

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