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Date : March 23, 2018
Chinese man accused of espionage dies in NK
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The North Korean authorities have quietly announced the sudden death of a Chinese citizen imprisoned in a correctional labor camp in Sariwon (North Hwanghae Province), allegedly due to illness. The man was serving a sentence there after being accused of selling North Korean "state secrets" to South Korea three years ago. 

A source in North Hwanghae Province informed Daily NK on March 19 about the death of the man, saying that his family lives in North Pyongan Province and that he was arrested while crossing the Chinese border on one of his frequent business trips.

"North Koreans typically consider the imprisonment conditions for foreigners to be (comparatively) decent, although it appears that prison conditions for this particular well-off Chinese person were not good," the source said. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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